Monday, August 30, 2010

Back in Port Hudson

We arrived home on Sunday afternoon with no mechanical problems on the way back!  Here are a few highlights of the last two days of the trip....

Using both the truck and the Tahoe, we only needed one visit to Clark's storage pod (we're keeping the pod business in the black) to get all of his stored items and then went back to his dorm room to spend the day unpacking and putting things away.

Another lunch at Blue Sky:  Mike's BBQ with coleslaw on focaccia which is worth the 1000 mile drive!

A meeting with Tom Beebe (hopeful builder of the new house).... no numbers for us regarding the possible cost of building the new house, so that was disappointing.

We fired the first salvo in the Great Cedar War by spending an afternoon cutting down cedars in the section of field down by the church.  We had brought gloves, the big chainsaw and the "chainsaw-on-a-stick" along to Virginia so were prepared for battle.  In the photo below, the left side of the field is untouched and the right side is post cedar eradication!  We'll let it grow up in woods, but I'd rather have pines and hardwoods and not a cedar thicket.  I have a feeling that this will be a battle we'll be fighting for about 10 years!

Eastern Swallowtail on a Thistle

In an effort to try something new whenever we're in town, we went to Wood's Creek Grocery for the first time for lunch.....we'll be back!

Dinner Friday night at the Bistro on Main was made even better by Clark unexpectedly being free and able to join us .... waiting for a table...

The Community Festival on Saturday had Main Street blocked off and five blocks of tents set up.  In addition to food, crafts (a bit of a letdown there) and giant inflatables for the kids, every civic group from the SPCA to Master Gardeners was represented.  I can't wait to get involved when we move to town.

But the real reason for the visit was to help/watch Clark move into his dorm room..... our first RA and our last college move-in!  I love you Clark!


  1. Looks better without the cedars, btw who is that handsome old man with you?

  2. Ha, Ha.... Thanks for being the first comment!


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